Theme Nights

Theme Nights

  • NA LCS


    We will be streaming the Summer North American League of Legends Championship Series over the next few months! Keep and eye on the schedule for the times!


    NA LCS


Magic Mondays


Start the week off with our specialty cocktails or as we call them, potions, with a side of Magic the Gathering! We'll have our regular streams running on the televisions and you can bring in a group to play or if you're all by your lonesome, many of the groups are open to new players.

Potions are on special!

Tabletop Tuesdays


Do you play Dungeons & Dragons? Pathfinder? Warhammer? Some other random board game? Perfect! We're throwing another tabletop day into the mix. Tables are available for you to setup and enjoy some great local beer... or even better, potions!

Have you wanted to play, but weren't sure when, where, or with who? This would be your day. Let us help you find a group to get in on games and meet some likeminded adventurers.

Smoked turkey legs with a stein of beer or a potion are featured!

Waffle Wednesdays


Yes, you read that right... WAFFLES! Enjoy a special menu for waffles only available on Wednesdays. We'll have anything from Nutella to fruits to sprinkles and ice cream depending on the week.

Draft on special!

Trivia Thursdays


There are trivia nights all over town but we know they fill up fast! Join Michael, Matt, and guests for our Trivia Thursdays! These veterans of trivia will put you to the test. Bring a group and maybe you'll find yourself in the winner's circle. Space is limited so come early.

Shot series on special!


We'll be announcing monthly theme nights starting soon! Keep an eye out!